The third installment in the Athanansian Realm series brings together our tower leaders as they scramble to finish learning as much as they can before war is upon them. However, just as in our world, reality is a bit spiteful. Just as they think things are setteling down and they have a handle on things, the fates and the gods will have a few curve balls to throw at them. But the tower leaders aren't the only ones who are heavy in the fight against time. Mattie and Maggie have found themselves on a perilious quest that could spell certain death for the girls if they aren't careful. Tavis' young son isn't to be forgotten either.
There are allies old and new being forged. Lets not forget that old cranky man Garnrin, who spent nearly a thousand years trying to bring the realm to heel, can he really sit back and leave them to their own now that war is almost upon them?