The deposing of the Mahatma for her treason to the Athanasian Realm and the people of Athanasia was met with disbelief, horror and skepticism. It was moons of spreading the deeds of the Mahatma throughout the Realm by the kings and queens of the lands of Athanasia. As the people of Athanasia became more aware of the treachery they worried more about the reliability of the Isle of Wisdom. It took more and more pressure from the royal courts to convince the people of Athanasia that the new leaders of the Isle of Wisdom were doing what they could to protect the people of Athanasia. It took a few moons, but before the winter solstice the majority of the Athanasian people were convinced of the Mahatma’s treachery and the loyalty of the new leadership.
As with all things learned in a trial, the news of the Mahatma’s ties to Tenebrosity and that she was planning on handing Athanasia over to Tenebrosity was met with mixtures of disbelief and hateful acceptance. The later mostly by those who claimed that they always knew that she was up to no good, and any one with that much power must be evil. The rumors of war were spreading throughout the land and soon peasants and courtiers alike worried about their safety. The kings and queens of the Realm sent missives and couriers to the Isle requesting regular updates on the plans for the impending invasion.
There was no end to the constant communication from the human kingdoms that had long been dismissive of the Isle of Wisdom, the tower leaders appreciated the change in attitude. Although they approved of the sudden respect which they were being given, they questioned how long it might last. The thought of perhaps a treaty, something in writing that the kingdoms and they might be able to reference in the future to ensure the ongoing respect and decorum they were being treated with now, might be in order to ensure that future generations remained safe. They also needed to ensure that the fall of the Towers never happened again, and that would take the assistance from the elves and dwarves. Something was going to be needed to ensure the safety and security of the Athanasian realm for the millenniums to come. More importantly than all that was the recruiting envoys for the Apprentice Tower and ensuring that the people chosen for the envoys were able to sense the old and new magics, thus the envoys now consisted of an ancient and two current members of the towers, and those envoys were being sent to each kingdom either at the fall festival or the springtime celebration depending on the kingdom and what time of year they were normally supposed to be tested. Use of the portals to get to each of the kingdoms was ensuring faster transport, but they were being required to test in every town and village, something that hadn’t been done in more than a century and in some places, longer than that.
The resurgence of the testing and training of the youths brought a mixture of fear and excitement from the surrounding communities. Many of the parents were unhappy with the prospect of their children leaving to the Isle for training in magical abilities. The children, by and large were excited for the opportunity to learn more about their magical abilities than what they could explore on their own. Several of the kingdoms were having difficulties in convincing their people to participate in areas where the testing had all but been banished for decades or longer. It was a work in progress, and with the requirement from the gods for the students to train for a full twenty-four moons many of the students who had arrived at the previous Springtime Celebration or even the previous fall festival that year and not had the opportunity to test with the first group of inductees were counting down the moons until graduation.
The Winter Solstice would be a group of inductees ready to meet the training guidelines, mostly old tower members who were completing the new training required to be considered full tower members. There would be quite literally hundreds of tower members who simply hadn’t had the opportunity prior to the Mahatma being deposed to learn the spells, magic and histories that had been hidden from the tower members for centuries. Now they had been studying with the ancients who had agreed to help right the towers, and were anxiously awaiting the induction ceremony that would confirm their tower and their place in the Isle of Wisdom. The Springtime Celebration would be the first wave of new students that would be eligible for being induction into the Isle with the gods requirement of twenty-four moons of training. They were anxious and ready for their chance to be tested and inducted.

Many were jealous of the students who had been given the opportunity due to their quick learning or in the case of Mattie, Nettie, and Maggie, their relationship with the tower leadership to receive one on one training and test early. The reality of the situation was that the students who had been given the opportunity to test at that first induction ceremony had come to the Towers with greater knowledge of their powers than the rest of the students or were simply more adept at learning than their peers. Mattie, Nettie, and Maggie were both more educated about their magical talents when they arrived, courtesy of their grandmother. They did have a relationship with the tower leaders, though that was not the sole reason for their promotion to being inducted in the first wave of inductees. They had earned their position through their own skills and hard work. Maggie had healed both the former Luminary Eliza from a fatal illness and the Divine Cleric Tavis from a potentially fatal poisoned arrow. Her unparalleled skill in healing made her a prime candidate for induction into the towers and her cousins were equally skilled in their own magics.  Mattie and Nettie had assisted in tending the Divine Cleric through to full health and had helped to discover more of what was supposed to be learned as students. Their desire to learn and assist the tower leaders however they could presented them with the unique opportunity to train with the tower leaders and resulted in their being inducted at the same time.
Through all of this Dolak used his ability in Memory Charming to prove to the Ancients that the towers needed his assistance to fend off the Tenebrosity realm. He used his gift to prove without any doubt the guilt of those who had committed treason and by displaying those memories he took on the consequences of his magic, the consequence of having to live the memories to display them and making those memories his own. He suffered from nightmares and insomnia from the memories that weren’t his own. After the first few memories, and the nightmares that followed, the ancients had thought to cleanse him as soon as he finished displaying the memories. This helped to remove most of the residual memories, but that didn’t insulate him from all of it. Therefore he still suffered the consequences from the worst of the criminals he helped to convict. When given the choice to stop, he refused on the grounds that if even one person was wrongfully convicted it was his fault, and that was not acceptable. His undying loyalty to the tower leaders, Athanasia and the gods of light bore him to be inducted in the first round of inductees as well, though he had spent less time than most as a trainee. His lack of experience in training classes learning the full use of magic would not hold him back from learning to control the full use of magic as he could use it, but he simply would have to rely on the Tower of True Learning to complete his knowledge of magic.
Adicia, Gara and Tavis had found themselves leaders of the Isle of Wisdom, appointed to their positions because of their youth and perceived incompetence and naiveté. The result of those appointments had been the deposing of the treasonous leader Merila, the locating and reimplementing of historical texts and scrolls long since thought destroyed or simply lost forever, and the beginning of the fixing of the Isle of Wisdom back to its former glory. Tavis was busy balancing his new life as a father and Divine Cleric. Tavis was trying desperately to learn everything he needed to know while providing Eldak with the love and support that young boys need. Most days went well with Ian, his new personal manservant playing babysitter when Eldak wasn’t busy in school with the other boys. However, young boys who have just turned seven aren’t keen on listening to stuffy old men who don’t remember how to play soldier or roll around on the floor and wrestle around. So, somedays were less good. Eldak would follow Tavis, pretending he was on a secret mission. He mimicked everything he saw Tavis do and tried hard to be just like his adoptive father.
Adicia and Gara had their own problems, their relationship and engagement had caused waves. Many people in both the Sorcery and Warrior towers were less than pleased at the idea of the Champion and Luminary tying the knot. Since they were engaged and encouraging others to become entangled in relationships some of the more tenured members of the towers were just shy of revolting in their leadership and the younger members were swooning at the embrace of their secret lovers. Trying to keep everyone on task was proving a little more difficult than they had envisioned, but the impending war should put everything back into perspective for people. At least that was what they were hoping for.