The former Sorcerers, Clerics and Warriors had left for retirement after centuries of protecting the Realm, allowing for the next generation to take up the mantle of responsibility for the safety of the Realm from the dark gods. As retirees, they vowed to leave the Towers to their own devices, never realizing the true cost of that vow.
Lulled into complacency through centuries of peace, the Isle of Wisdom has gone from being the powerful Towers of protectors to an impotent band of novice magic wielders. The leaders of the Towers have inadvertently used the centuries of peace to remove all but the most basic of knowledge from the Isle of Wisdom. Now the newest leaders of the Isle of Wisdom are faced with a change in magic and whispers of threats from the Tenebrosity Realm. Undertaking a quest to the far side of the Realm they search for an old Sorcerer who had warned against the pacifism that had become rampant in the Isle of Wisdom. Will they be able to find the old man before it is too late?

 ~ Deceived~ 
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