Coming 2018 - 2019

​My debut book "Deceived" is back in the begining stages of production for audio format, as there were some unforeseen problems. More to come on that... 


M.C. Colõn
The new book Persevernace will be available for purchase in June of 2018. Look for it on and your favorite books store for pre-order Spring 2018.

Future Works

Another project that I have been pondering for the last four or five years is the trilogy for my daughter Sara. I promised to write her a story that would be dedicated to her and I have the start of several ideas for the books.

I am hoping to start the rough draft of this trilogy by January and maybe have it published in 2019. The premise of the story is a girl, her brother, and thier guardian being forced out of the 'real' world and into an alternate reality full of elves, dwarves, unicorns, dragons, and humans.

I will update you more in my blog as this series comes to fruition. **

Due to our move to Italy in 2018, it will most certainly be in late 2019 or even 2020 before it will be arriving in bookstores for your enjoyment.

The Athanasian Realm Blog

Keep updated on the goings on in Athanasia and the history of this beautiful world through my blog, The Athanasian Realm blog. Starting in November I will post on a bi-weekly basis on the history or the characters in my books. If you send an email and ask about a certain character or part of the books, I might just feature your request in my next blog post.

Stay tuned!!

Athanasian Realm Book #3

It's official, the first one third of so of the third book in the Athanasian Realm Series has been written!

The story continues following the tower leaders Adicia, Gara, and Tavis through thier professional and personal stories. We will also begin to get to know Mattie, Nettie, Maggie and Dolak a little better as well as more about the Athanasian gods. 

There are some big surprises coming in this edition. I hope that you will enjoy reading about these characters and the plots twisting around them. I have certainly enjoyed writing their stories.